5 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”

  1. Hey, I’ve been looking at a couple of your comics recently, and I would like to give some of my criticism on them.

    First off, I really enjoy the style that you use in your art. Many artists, especially ones that create web comics, tend to either make their characters too simplistic or just flat out unappealing. However, the characters in your comics are appealing to look at and unique enough to differentiate yourself from other web artists.

    Visually, your comics are really well put together. However, when it comes to the content presented in the comics, there are certain characteristics that are lacking. The comics tend to be redundant after reading just one or two of them. The premise is pretty much setting up a strawman, ideally a Misogynist or someone whom presents less progressive views, and completely obliterating them. It becomes really redundant and the punchline is always easy to see coming.

    Additionally, straw men aren’t inheritantly funny. If a strawman just follows what is expected of them then nothing of comedic value comes from it. In the case of this comic, the strawman is created just to create conflict with the main character and regret his actions, often out loud, later in the comics. Because of this, the strawman doesn’t feel ever feel like he/she is a real person and dampens the comedic value it could have. Furthermore, the comic seems more like a power trip that the author is going on rather than coherent joke or story for the reader to enjoy.

    Overall, the artist clearly have potiental as a web artist ,and visually, he/she is succeeding quite well. However, the content of your comics need some work. Oh, and a reminder, this isn’t an attack on the artist; I just want to try to help out when I can.

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